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Lake ecological restorationEcological restoration of rivers and lakes
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Foshan Yayi Lake water ecological restoration project
Brief introduction of case
"Stitch by stitch" embroiders the city's fine products

Yayi Lake, located in the center of Chancheng District, Foshan City, used to be in Class V or poor Class V due to the inclusion of pollutants from surrounding rivers。In view of the management problems, the project team systematically planned and determined the five major projects of "gate and dam project, water environment improvement project, water power improvement project, internal pollution control and water ecological restoration project" to carry out systematic treatment and rebuild the water ecosystem。
Case details

Project profile

Yayi Lake, located in the center of Chancheng District of Foshan City, is the central "meeting room" of Foshan City and Chancheng District. Improving the water quality of Yayi Lake is the key work to carry out comprehensive water environment remediation in Chancheng District, and it is also a key link to carry out restoration of "combination of five surges and one lake" in Chancheng District。

In the past, due to the inclusion of pollutants in the surrounding river surges, the sediment pollutant content was high, the biological community was single, and the water quality was in Class V or poor Class V。In view of the management problems, the project team systematically planned and determined the five major projects of "gate and dam project, water environment improvement project, water power improvement project, internal pollution control and water ecological restoration project" to carry out systematic treatment and rebuild the water ecosystem。

Key breakthroughs, improve the level of fine river and lake governance and urban spatial visual system, spend great efforts with the feet of the heart, with embroidery kung fu "embroidery" out of the urban ecological business card, 26 hectares of Yayi Lake gradually restored to the original appearance, the beautiful water ecological environment back to citizens' lives, the quality of urban function is increasingly enhanced。

Key breakthrough

Improve the functional quality of Yayi Lake

The water area of Yayi Lake is about 16.50,000 square meters, connecting Qicha Chung and Ming Dou Chung, due to poor water flow and incomplete sewage pipe network caused by direct discharge of sewage。

A few years ago, Zhancheng District has completed the pollution control project around the lake, but the pollutants discharged from the surrounding river have made the bottom mud of Yayi Lake with high pollutant content, single biological community, and dense wild and miscellaneous fish, and the water quality is in Class V or poor class V, and the self-purification capacity of the water body is poor。The silt data of Yayi Lake in August 2018 showed that the silt thickness reached 0.5—1.8 m, the color is black and dark gray, the bottom mud is rich in pollution substances。

In 2019, Chancheng launched the water environment management project in the southern part of the city。The whole project management scope includes "five tides and one lake" (Xinshi Chung, Ming Dou Chung, Qicha Chung, Xihua Chung, Jiangmeizhou Chung and Yayi Lake), and Yayi Lake is the highlight of it。In April 2020, Chancheng officially launched the water ecological restoration project of Yayi Lake to continuously restore the water body。

With the promotion of renovation work, the improvement of the environment of Yayi Lake can be seen, and the quality of urban spatial vision is quietly improved。

Fine management

Embroidery Kung fu to enhance the level of refinement of environmental governance

There is no trace of sewage dust after the construction site is enclosed, the project progress is updated in a timely manner, and the civilized slogans are fresh and eye-catching......During the implementation of the project, the project department, with the concept of "returning the lake to the people", has always placed the happiness of the people's livelihood in an important position, and has taken multiple measures to comprehensively manage the work。

In the process of controlling the sediment in the lake, it is necessary to drain the whole lake water, relocate the fish in the lake, and then control it, which has a negative impact on the regional landscape and image。In order to reduce the impact on citizens and ensure the construction period, Chancheng District carried out the construction of Yayi Lake in four separate steps to minimize the negative impact of construction。

In order to take into account the regulating and storage function of Yayi Lake, the project set up sluice gates at the junction of Qicha Chung and Mingdou Chung, two river surges around Yayi Lake, respectively。The appearance design of the sluice fully considers the culture of Foshan's "Lingnan Water Town" and refines cultural elements to integrate the sluice into the surrounding environment and become a part of the urban park landscape。

A series of "embroidery" -style fine management measures, in exchange for the public and tourists to the project implementation of recognition and reputation。

Technical support

Systematically improve the visual quality of Yayi Lake space

In the lake, the water and grass are rich and the fish are shallow。"Old Foshan" in the past familiar with the water clear fish happy scene, reappeared in front of the eyes。

The original lake is an algal lake, in a specific environment, there will be eutrophication problems, reduce the self-purification ability of the water body, prone to black odor and dead fish and other situations。In the process of promoting the project, the "three things" of organisms, plants and microorganisms were used to create an "underwater forest", and the lake was transformed into a grass-shaped lake。

Build a diverse ecosystem, and then stimulate the self-purification ability of water body through the addition and culture of aquatic animals and water purification microorganisms。The water transparency of Yayi Lake changed from 0 before treatment.5m increased to 1.Above 5m, the water quality of Yayi Lake increased from the original Class V and poor Class V to better than Class IV water。

The improvement of the water ecological environment of Yayi Lake has a positive impact on the improvement of the regional environment, improves the quality of the living environment and the city, shows the characteristic landscape style of "Lingnan Water Town", and satisfies people's pursuit of a better living environment。

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